Siren and Strings

"powerful vocals, sublime guitar playing"

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What people have to say about us ...

BELLISOMO (Brilliant!) What a voice, Sax player is awesome! Guitar player cool! Kirk Humphreys, Skipton Sound Bar - 21st Oct 2018

What a fantastic afternoon, Randomly walking past a "Record Shop Cafe" (every town should have one!!) and to see such a groove filled band on a Sunday afternoon. Top!! Yes!! Yes!! Phil Parr, Skipton Sound Bar - 21st Oct 2018

Awesome band - Best band I've seen for a long time. Geat songs, beautiful singer - Love to see you again. Gill Button, Skipton Sound Bar - 21st Oct 2018

We were blown away, fabulous vocals and accompaniant. Great songs - loved it! Claire Lynch, Skipton Sound Bar - 21st Oct 2018

"WOW WOW WOW! - We have had such a fantastic afternoon of live music at the Sound Bar in Skipton listening to the amazing band Siren and Strings. The band were just fantastic, such an amazing variety of music and talent, it was an outstanding performance. The friendship, fun and enjoyment that the band have, really does shine through in their performance. It was wonderful and we are all looking forward to seeing them perform again"                                                      Helen and family, Skipton Sound Bar - 5th Aug 2018

"Excellent, rowdy, romatic, brilliant, different, eclectic & moody!" Barry Atkinson, Skipton Sound Bar - 5th Aug 2018

"Fabulous - Abigail your voice & carisma are an experience!! phenominal musicians too! Come back to the Soundbar! (Songbird!! xxx)                                    Kate, Skipton Sound Bar - 5th Aug 2018

"Abigail - amazing voice and a wonderfully talented set of musicians - 2 things I like in a band .... emotive and powerful - it's a wonderful combination!"            Trev Willams, Skipton Sound Bar - 5th Aug 2018

"Wonderfully amazing!"  Ruth Clarke, Skipton Sound Bar - 5th Aug 2018

"Awesome! thanks so so much" "The Dancing Queen in Blue", Skipton Sound Bar - 5th Aug 2018

"A complete treat!" Julie, All Done For 9 - 29 Jan 2017

"Lovely singing, great  voices .. we loved your gig! A great evening" Sian, The Abbey Inn -3rd Dec 2016

"Bloody Fab Night! Thank you!" Alan Ely, The Abbey Inn - 3rd Dec 2016

"Fabulous Darlings!" Kim Scholey - The New George - 15th May 2016

"Fabulous singer & group - thouroughly enjoyed the act" Catherine Brooksbank, Keighley Blues Club - 29th Jan 2016

"Fabulous! Thankyou for a fantastic start to a good weekend after a rubbish week!" Rebecca Dyson, Keighley Blues Club - 29th Jan 2016

"Awesome!" Lizzie Andrews, Charlies Place - 23rd Dec 2016

"Really enjoyed first set, second set even better! We will be back to see & hear you again!" Hilary Trickey, Charlie's Place - 16th May 2015

"Captivating! Such talent - you guys are awesome! You stole the show!" Steven Kirman, All Done for 9 - March 2015

"Brilliant fun!" Jenny Procter, All Done for 9 - March 2015

"Very fresh and original, able to tackle all kinds of music with a fearless approach - exciting from the word go. Their vocal harmonies were very good. As for the playing of guitar with clarinet or sax - who would have thought to try it. The beautiful soaring weaving of the clarinet and alto sax were quite magical while complimenting bravura singing. Capable of tackling anything with their enthusiasm and skills, a great eclectic choice of music - definitely feel good music."
Cliff of Allerton - Keighley Blues Club 14th March 2014

"A great refreshing sound from a trio, a good mix of music, musicianship and a great voice."
Bob & Carolyn Davis, Keighley Blues Club - March 2014

"Excellent. Musically & vocally brilliant." Joe O'Keefe, The Cricketers - Dec 2013 

"Excellent! Great range of songs. A must see group. We highly recommend them!"Peter and Pauline, from The Grove - 18th May 2013 gig

"One of the best bands I've ever seen at the Grove and I work in the bar 7 days a week! Fabulous xx" Tom Harvey, Leeds, from the Grove - 18th May gig

"Beautiful harmonies, effortless finger-picking and smooth, smooth saxophone." Richard Gillett, Sheffield - May 2013

"Loved it! Beautiful voice, classy sound, so pure - refreshingly different!" Paula Calver, Keighley - June 2012

"What a delightful and enjoyable evening of melodic and toe tapping tunes from Siren and Strings set in the cosy surroundings of The Cricketers in Keighley. Refreshing to hear such a naturally beautiful voice from Abigail delivered with great control and support. Not a single note strained - so very pleasing on the ear! Oh and the guy was great too!" Simon Lacy, Bradford - April 2012

“My friends couldn’t understand why I’d bussed in a northern duo all the way to London from Yorkshire to play at my 40th. And then they heard them, and it was oh so clear. With two incredible vocalists, and a set list so diverse that even I was surprised, it was just perfection.” Steve Foxx, London

"Fabulously flamboyant, extremely entertaining" Matt Palmer, The Reel Jiggy

From the Radio Active - Live Session - 10th April 2012 interview ... "Amazing", "Awesome Stuff", "Fantastic", "Oh blimey - that's a bit good", "You can sing a bit can't you!", "They are very very good" and ... "oh - yes please!"Damian Short, Jam Radio - Radio Active DJ

"A must see duo ....Abi and Neil always give 100% to their performance which comprises an eclectic mix of material. Each of them showcase their abilities during their sessions, both individually and collectively." Ian Fozard, Manager, The Mitre, Knaresborough 

"Book 'em while you can still afford it ... these two are good!"Dave Spowage, The Reel Jiggy

"It's great to have Siren and Strings support us. There may only be two of them and acoustic, but they certainly pack a punch! With great song choices and diva-esque vocals from Abi they are perfect to add to the musical experience of a Sharon Colgan Band gig!Sharon Colgan, The Sharon Colgan Band

"I invited Siren and Strings to start off the proceedings for my big birthday bash in the Eden Valley (I still can’t bring myself to put in writing the size of the milestone being celebrated!) and they were a perfect choice. They played a good, wide selection of music that had something for everyone which, combined impressive guitar playing and stunning vocals and harmonies, really put people in the mood to enjoy themselves and party. Thank you – I will certainly recommend you two again."Helen Wills, Leeds

"I just a wanted to say a huge thank you for donating your time to play at Sandra's big bash. As well as an amazing night we managed to raise £490 for the motor neurone disease group. Many thanks" C. Edwards, Leeds, March 2012

“An amazingly talented and versatile pair (and Neill’s pretty good too!). Loretta B Hausen, Leeds

"Roger and I would like to thank you both so much for playing at our wedding. You started the evening with a bang and your harmonies along with music choice were amazing and just what we wanted. Roge was particularly impressed with Neill's twiddly bits .......on guitar. Thanks again" Carole and Roger Appleby, Oct 2010